Thoughts on music

In (un)regular intervals I would like to share my thoughts about music and especially about my attempts to produce music. I would be very excited if you would take a look at the blog from time to time to see what’s new and I would be even more excited if you like my improvisations and my music and listen to it regularly.

As it should be today, there is a need for a blog that provides insights and backgrounds into the things that are intended – in my case my interest in music, in particular my possibilities and limitations, to develop my own expression and sound at the piano, so when I improvise at the piano. In addition, I would like to record remembrances that occupy me when I write pieces of music, so when I compose.

Writing about music is something I find more than difficult.
There is a leaden inability to express in words what I often have no words for, but rather feelings, impressions, memories, pictures, associations, smells, colours, odours. In other words, everything that is part of the music or, rather, everything that music can trigger: a perception of oneself that lies in the music and a perception of oneself that reaches beyond the music, that is, is transcendent in the literal sense.
Consequently, the words fail me, when the expressiveness of what lies in the music is so much more all-encompassing than what is to be expressed with words and at the same time should reflect the spirit of the music. It seems to me that music must be directly experienced, to write about what this experience is, since it is always like a bland copy of what at its core eludes the many words.

At the same time, the exploration of music in the form of written thoughts is something that marks the points in which music withdraws from the linguistic and there marks something that seems to me to be the essence of music – pure sound (sometimes just a surge) that physically transcends and refers to something that is both material and ideal, embodied and spiritual at the same time. For me, music thus forms structures that elude any logic, any causality and yet always include it. Ultimately, music is something that is both paradoxical and logical, in the sense that it separates physical, emotional and spiritual experiences and yet unites them in time.