Billy Contreras

Composer – Pianist – Artist

Billy Contreras

Composer – Pianist – Artist

Music as exploration
of inner states of mind, feelings and thoughts.


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For me music like art is always an exploration of
inner states of mind, feelings and thoughts.

As far back as I can recall, music has been an integral part of my life, alongside art and philosophy. Playing the piano has always been a means for me to reflect on what I have witnessed and experienced throughout my life.

Born in a small town near the Polish border with a German-Cuban background, raised in Thuringia amidst the rich Bach tradition, and having lived for several years in southern Germany, I have had ample opportunities to contemplate culture, identity, and plurality. These themes also shape my approach to music and the piano.

Since then, I have composed works for chamber music, orchestra, organ, and piano. Both improvising at the piano and capturing my musical thoughts have always felt more natural to me than interpreting pre-existing literature. Nonetheless, my enduring interest in Bach, music theory, and the technical aspects of piano playing remains significant to me.

The focal point of my musical endeavors lies in composition and the exploration of the sonic possibilities of the piano. In this way, music serves as a continual exploration of inner states of mind, feelings, and thoughts for me.

My musical work is a journey that centers around composition and delves deep into the limitless possibilities of sound that a piano can produce.


Thoughts on Music

At (ir)regular intervals, I intend to share my thoughts on music, particularly my endeavors in music production. I would be thrilled if you could visit the blog occasionally to discover what’s new. I would be even more delighted if you enjoy my improvisations and music, and choose to listen to them regularly.

At (ir)regular intervals, I aim to share my thoughts on music, particularly my endeavours to craft it. It would be…

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Stay tuned to reach out my latest compositions. Coming soon.

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